Re: [Usability][De]Select All and Select menus

Hey Lars,

I'm curious what sort of select items you have in the menu? As Alan
says, its ok to bend the guidelines a little (especially some menu
stuff) in special cases. For example, some apps might have a seperate
"Find" menu, if its very important to them. But nonetheless, I am
curious about the sort of selection modes you need, and I'm a little
concerned that it could be indicative of a confusing underlying issue.


On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 11:00, Lars Clausen wrote:
> Hi!
> Just got a bug report for Dia
> <URL:> today about the
> placement of the [De]Select All menu items, which according to the HIG
> should be in the Edit menu.  Now Dia has a number of other ways to select
> or deselect objects, and we have a separate Select menu with those.  The
> HIG doesn't mention what should be done with further selection entries --
> if we move them all to the Edit menu, it becomes too large.  I see that
> Gimp also has a separate Select menu, but I guess it's not HIG compliant
> yet.  What would be the preferred setup when there's many selection menu
> items? 
> Thanks,
> -Lars
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