Re: [Usability]preferred applications dialog

> This I agree with.  It's a *lot* simpler to select "A web browser" than
> select "an http handler, an ftp handler, https handler, webdav handler,
> ...".  I wouldn't even expect a user to understand what a protocol is -
> almost everyone I know who isn't a tech-geek don't know what the whole
> "http://"; thing is at all.

You're right. A non-technial user wouldn't know what the hell those are.
But would a non-technical user be creating new applications that use
those protocols? Installed applications would register themselves, so a
user wouldn't have to deal with that. Only developers of newly written,
custom applications, would need to worry about it. 

The only way to not have to worry about where the data is comming from
is to have all apps use a VFS that can access data via any protocol that
the system supports. Somehow, I think that this is less realistic at
this point.

If we want to inelegently handle URL schemes, we're going to end up
trying to open URLs with applications that don't understand the schemes
of the URLs, resulting in errors and forcing the user to be aware of all
of these schemes.


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