[Usability]preferred applications dialog


  I tried to make the preferred apps dialog a bit nicer, so I made the
following »improvements« (as I think they are improvements, but you may
not ;).

1. List
  I removed the Notebook's tabs and it's frame but i added a List on the
left to replace the tabs for navigation. It's got the following

  1. It's easier to have an overview over vertically aligned texts.
  2. The list can be easily sorted alphabetically (even after
     translation), which makes having an overview about the pages more
  3. It's very easy to implement (it's already done in my local cvs
     tree) and to extend.

2. Web Browser
  I tried to HIGify the Web Browser Page, so i gave it the layout it
currently [1] has. I think the page looks nice now and it is easy to
have an overview. But I've got the following Problems:

   I used the togglebuttons to replace the check- and radiobuttons from
   the old dialog. They fit better into the HIG layout than the check-
   and radiobuttons would do. (Although I'm not very happy with it, but
   a little bit :)

   File Selector Widget:
   I removed the GtkEntry for the custom command from the dialog and
   replaced it temporarily with a GnomeFileEntry. Should this be kept?
   And if yes, should we provide an additional GtkEntry for the command
   line arguments?

[1] http://www.gnome-de.org/screenshots/defapps-1.png

Sven Herzberg <herzi gnome-de org>

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