Re: [Usability]sft+ctl+w v. ctl+q

On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 19:37, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 19:07, Luis Villa wrote:
> > So, which is more correct- sft+ctl+w v. ctl+q? I've finally gotten used
> > to ctl+q nearly everywhere, but nautilus and now epiphany are using
> > shft+ctl+w. Do the usability people have an opinion? care one way or the
> > other? As a lowly user, it is beginning to irritate me that something
> > with effectively the same user-visible affect is different in some of
> > the core apps. But maybe I'm talking out of place :)
> Well, they are two different options, depending on point of view :
> ctrl+q is Quit, shft+ctrl+w is Close All Windows.
> >From a user perspective, this is kinda silly, since they are
> (user-experience wise) the same thing.  I suppose *technically* tho,
> they are different (since Nautilus still runs and draws the desktop even
> if you close all windows, and Epiphany will[should] continue downloading
> things you'ev asked to download even if all browser windows are closed).

'Technically' is probably a dirty word. :) 

The argument that Dave and I just tied up (more or less) came down
(partially) to 'users know the desktop is part of the file manager, so
they'll fear ctl+q because they'll think it'll make the files on their
background go away.' I don't think most do though- I think that's a
remnant from the dark days when we said 'sure, use gmc or nautilus or
nothing at all.' I have no idea what kind of user test one could conduct
to figure out which of us is right, though.

> Perhaps, from a user perspetive again, it should be the Close All
> Windows keybinding; from what I've gathered, it's prefered to think of
> an application from a document view.  I.e., you don't quite Gnumeric,
> you close documents, until you're out of documents (or close all
> documents at once).  Of course, then, ctrl+shft+w is a silly keybinding,
> since that is implying Window, not Document, and one could argue that is
> wrong, since you could have many Windows open for a single Document (a
> la le Gimp).  But now I'm rambling...

Well, after a spirited office argument... from a more
document-centric-POV, why not ctl+w only everywhere? This gets messy,
though, for experienced users. 

thinking aloud myself, too.

FWIW, I think fixing this 'only' in epiphany/galeon/nautilus sucks- the
UI team should probably figure this out more clearly and settle it
everywhere. But that may be a different battle. :)


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