Re: [Usability]prefs dialog recommendation


I like the OpenOffice's pref dialog or better the fact that it puts a long explanation text in the title pages and I was planning to implement it in gedit. I'm sure the doc guys will help us poor developers to write useful explanations texts ;-)

Unfortunately, the GNOME docs guys generally frown upon putting long
explanation text in dialogs and prefer to leave such explanations in the
online Help, so they probably won't help you do this at at all :)

ok... the doc guys don't like it. The question is: why?
And what do you (and the other hig guys) think about this idea?

I think it could be useful for two reasons:

1. You have a quick explanation of what you can set in the prefs dialog without having to run the help browser
2. ATM, it is probably the unique help text that is likely to be translated.


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