Re: [Usability]prefs dialog recommendation

This is similar to gedit's tree preferences... It puts the gedit logo on the
title pages, as they're not immediately useful for anything. Is there any
need for them in a HIG-happy version?

Currently thinking about gnumeric1.1's [1] or OpenOffice's [2] prefs
dialogs i think they can be used very well. The only problem i see is
that most developers (including me) don't like to write long explanation
texts, but »the end user« would like to see such pages (iirc the corel
draw suite does this kind of explaining too). Users may not be familiar
with special terms the program uses. But to shorten labels often these
terms are used. So especially for newbie-users it would be a feature to
help configuring their aplications.

I like the OpenOffice's pref dialog or better the fact that it puts a long explanation text in the title pages and I was planning to implement it in gedit. I'm sure the doc guys will help us poor developers to write useful explanations texts ;-)

If anyone will provide nice icons, I'd like also to add icons to the categories tree.


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