[Usability]Positioning of new terminal window

An annoying feature of Gnome 2.0.1 :/

When I open a terminal via right-mouse-button on the desktop the window
is created on the left-hand-side of the screen. Therefore, to type in
the window, I have to:

- right-mouse-button (window pops up, without focus);

- (usually) move pointer across screen into window;

- start typing.

The second step is annoying as I've mentally moved from mouse to
keyboard and expect to be able to type immediately the terminal window

Any opinions about a change to the placement policy for the terminal
window (to 'beneath' the mouse pointer, whatever that actually means in

I note that the placement policy is different, in any case, for the
other two options which open a window; both the launcher and Nautilus
windows are centred. 


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