Re: [Usability]Applets category for hardware stuff?

On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 09:30:53PM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > You asked for thoughts on making a new category for some applets. Most
> > of the applets you listed should be in the tray, so they shouldn't be
> > on the applet menus.
> One is an incremental change we can make now, the other is not appropriate.

It is, as the rest of my comments have tried to show, an increment in a bad

> > It should be clear that the panel popup menu needs to be redesigned.
> Sure. Not now.

No problem there, but this is the usability list. Given that many usability
improvements have been late, it is not a bad idea to consider the redesign
of the interface now.

> > If a freeze is cause to prevent traying some applets, then why
> > rearrange things now?
> I proposed a small incremental change to make life better in the short term.
> Not all that interested in grand plans for the future.

And I disagree with your evaluation. Just considering the interface, the
cost of the change alone might negate the benefit of the result. The result
would have the longest menu longer and more short deep menus; this is
certainly a cost, not a benefit. When you account for the time needed
to change the code (or whatever makes the hierarchy) and that that is taken
from time to make other improvements, the change is clearly a loss.

> > Besides, how sensible does it seem to add hardware to the panel?
> We have a bunch of applets related to hardware, and a bunch of 'third party'
> applets being developed that will fit into a similar category. Note that I
> suggested 'hardware' only if there wasn't a better name.

The existing menus are already awkward. Add the Internet to the panel?
I think a better name wouldn't fit with the rest of the names.

> Please keep it positive, Greg, otherwise people will continue to tune out
> from your input.

Frankly, Jeff, shove it.

You yourself have hardly kept it postive in response to what you'd call
crack or just about any form of criticism I've seen.

I'm sure the Nazi's said (in German) "keep it positive" when anyone
suggested burning people alive might not be such a good idea.

As for those who may have tuned me out . . . their loss.

Greg Merchan

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