Re: [Usability]Applets category for hardware stuff?

> You asked for thoughts on making a new category for some applets. Most
> of the applets you listed should be in the tray, so they shouldn't be
> on the applet menus.

One is an incremental change we can make now, the other is not appropriate.

> It should be clear that the panel popup menu needs to be redesigned.

Sure. Not now.

> If a freeze is cause to prevent traying some applets, then why
> rearrange things now?

I proposed a small incremental change to make life better in the short term.
Not all that interested in grand plans for the future.

> Besides, how sensible does it seem to add hardware to the panel?

We have a bunch of applets related to hardware, and a bunch of 'third party'
applets being developed that will fit into a similar category. Note that I
suggested 'hardware' only if there wasn't a better name.

Please keep it positive, Greg, otherwise people will continue to tune out
from your input.

- Jeff

  So, "Jeffrey" seems to mean "the ineffectual, victimised guy in
  American movies" in four different languages.

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