Re: [Usability]missing stuff in taskbar

Steve Fox <drfickle k-lug org> writes:
> On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 12:06, Dexter Filmore wrote:
> > 1. Dialogs and for example GnomeICU dialog or mozilla download progress window
> > boxes won't appear in taskbar in Gnome2.0.
> > This is highly annoying - can it be altered?
> I find this highly annoying to, mostly with regard to Mozilla and
> Evolution. Metacity used to show them. I hope Havoc will "fix" this
> again some day.

First, note that this has jack to do with metacity, it's a
tasklist/libwnck issue.

The mozilla download thing is a mozilla bug, it's filed on and has been open for a while. It's probably a
one-line fix (remove setting the transient parent) if someone would
just go fix it instead of bitching to me. ;-) Windows does the same
thing as libwnck, so surely the Mozilla bug is cross-platform.

The behavior was tweaked since GNOME 2.0.0, note. In latest libwnck,
control panels will appear in the tasklist. (specifically, dialogs
with no parent window will appear in tasklist, while previously it
skipped all dialogs.)

The remaining tweak is that when you click the tasklist button for a
window that has child dialogs, the topmost child should be activated,
not the window itself. That's not done yet.

*Every* time I can remember this problem has been reported, the main
example given has been that stupid mozilla download window. Some
people have also reported control panels, but those are fixed. This
leads me to believe we should just fix mozilla.


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