Re: [Usability]missing stuff in taskbar

tor 2002-10-24 klockan 13.24 skrev Dexter Filmore:
> > > > 1. Dialogs and for example GnomeICU dialog or mozilla download progress
> > > > window boxes won't appear in taskbar in Gnome2.0.
> > > > This is highly annoying - can it be altered?
> > 
> > I'm pretty sure the problem is that those apps don't set proper window
> > hints. (ie bugs in the apps not metacity).
> Worked well with the very same apps in 1.4 So either the problem is 2.0 or 1.4
> supported "improper" window hints.
> The latter seems unlikely to me.

It doesn't? Considering that the window manager
specs are quite new and metacity has been implemented with the new
standardized specs in mind, I don't think it's unlikely at all.

> btw this doesn't look like a wmanager problem since it occured in Metacity as
> well as in Sawfish2.

I think also Sawfish2 has had some changes in order to support the
window manager specs.


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