[Usability]missing stuff in taskbar

1. Dialogs and for example GnomeICU dialog or mozilla download progress window
boxes won't appear in taskbar in Gnome2.0.
This is highly annoying - can it be altered?

2. When right clicking a taskbar item in 1.4 there was "Kill" and "Sticky" -
these are gone. I used them a lot (luckily rather sticky than kill ;) ).
Any chance getting those options back? Why have they been erased anyway?

3. Window positions and settings like for example volume settings in
gnome-volume-control are lost the moment I log out.
I find everything tiled beginning the upper left corner when I log on again.
Terminals always pop up upper left.

4. I liked gnomecc. Why spread a perfecty well centralized config tool into a
dozen menu entries and even to other apps (Nautilus: preferences://) ?

The only thing I like better right now is fontAA, but that's about it.

Dexter Filmore

Version: 3.12
GCS d--(+)@ s-:+ a-- C++(+++) UL>+++ P+>++ L++>++++ E-- W++ N+
o? K- w--(---) !O M-- V- PS+ PE(+) Y+>++ PGP- t+(++)
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