Re: [Usability]missing stuff in taskbar

<quote who="Dexter Filmore"/>

> 4. I liked gnomecc. Why spread a perfecty well centralized config tool into a
> dozen menu entries and even to other apps (Nautilus: preferences://) ?

We always had menu entries for the control centre, Nautilus now takes the
control center shell's place. However, you can also use a non-Nautilus
shell. Try gnome-control-center --use-shell.

We understand that this isn't perfect, and want to improve it. Perhaps you
could lend a hand.

(The other issues mentioned in your email are well known and in Bugzilla,
which is the correct place to file bugs and enhancement requests.)

> The only thing I like better right now is fontAA, but that's about it.

Thanks for your kind words!

- Jeff


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