[Usability]Tree view pref

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 13:37, Dave Camp wrote:
> Sorry, to clarify, the default should be to not view files.  (I always
> thought of the preferences as "show files").
> I don't see any real reason to remove the preference entirely.
> -dave

Changing title, cuz this is slightly off topic.

I have to admit in the original draft proposal I recommended removing
this preference as well. 

One reason I think this is a good idea is that nautilus can not possibly
view every file type. for instance say you open a large directory that
contains many files of file type X. Clicking on those files will simply
give you error messages. This could be even worst with keynav as every
file you select with the arrow keys will pop up another error message.
I'm not sure if this is real problem in practice, but it could be. i'm
not a tree view user so i don't really know.

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 13:49, Gregory Merchan wrote:
> Wasn't the tree view supposed to become a complete normal view, like
> bookmarks view in a web browser?  That would at least make menu
> much easier.

Several people have mentioned that they would like this (including me).
I think if we had such a treeview, I would definately use it, and I
agree it could make editing menus easier (didn't calum once mention that
as well?) The problem is that no one has offered to implement it (i
thought about trying to figure out how to do it from the sidebar tree
code, but my skills are too week :( ) Greg you volunteering? hint


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