Re: [Usability]Recent Documents Dropdown on "Open" Toolbar Button

Am Don, 2002-10-17 um 03.52 schrieb Jeff Waugh:
> Hi all,
> Just wanted to point out a new feature in gedit, thanks to James, Paolo and
> Kang. Much like the back/forward dropdowns in modern browsers, Kang has
> suggested a recent documents dropdown on the 'Open' toolbar button. This
> feature is now in gedit CVS and the 2.1.x releases.
Very nice

> I'm posting here to suggest that this suggestion is added to the HIG for
> document-centric GNOME applications. It would be nice to add this
> functionality to a stock toolbar set, if we ever have one, so that hackers
> need not even worry about the majority of code required (they'd just have to
> tell it the mime types they were interested in or something similar).
> Probably a good candidate for the GNOME Office libraries in the mean time.
> Thanks guys, it's a small feature, but a very cool one. Great stuff!
> - Jeff

IMHO we should go another way with the implementation. I think we should
use on of the GtkCombo* widgets that gal provides and which are used by
gnumeric for the undo and redo selectors. So I'd recomment to move the
GtkCombo* stuff from gal to gtk. It would (my opinion) look better if
the dropdown-list is aligned with the button.


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