Re: [Usability]'org chart'

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 20:34, Luis Villa wrote:
> As some of you may have seen discussed a few months back[1] some effort
> is being made to create a GNOME 'org chart' that would help improve
> GNOME's communication and lines of responsibility.
> The relevant portion of the original doc for you guys and gals is:
> Usability[sent]
>  -contacts: Seth Nickell, Nils Pedersen, Calum Benson
> responsibilities:
> 	*maintain and publish the HIG
> 	*review all GNOME software for HIG compliance and general usability
> 	*provide and evangelize advice and resources for hackers and programs
> 	*coordinate with a11y team

Well, the usability team should be co-ordinating with pretty much
everyone, really, not just the a11y team.  Co-ordination with the docs
team is equally important (if it's hard to document it'll usually be
hard to use), as it is with the i18n team who should be looking for
localisation difficulties in existing and proposed GUIs... and of course
the GNOME marketing team should be constantly feeding us user
requirements and feedback :)


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