[Usability]'org chart'

As some of you may have seen discussed a few months back[1] some effort
is being made to create a GNOME 'org chart' that would help improve
GNOME's communication and lines of responsibility.

The relevant portion of the original doc for you guys and gals is:

 -contacts: Seth Nickell, Nils Pedersen, Calum Benson
	*maintain and publish the HIG
	*review all GNOME software for HIG compliance and general usability
	*provide and evangelize advice and resources for hackers and programs
	*coordinate with a11y team

Is this accurate? Does it describe what you guys think you should be
doing for GNOME? Does it describe what you think GNOME should expect
from you? Are you still wearing pants? :)[2] Hopefully this is fairly
accurate, but obviously we want feedback before this becomes 'official'
and goes up on the website.

When finished, I want this doc to be useful for everyone as a reference
point- 'what do we do next? what does GNOME need from us? who do we go
to for X?' So, please, consider this a chance both to discuss those
questions and also to inform the rest of GNOME about what you decide. :)

Note, please, that this is /not/ another opportunity for random people
to weigh in on what they think 'usability' means- I'm looking mainly for
the opinions of the people who've made serious, contructive
contributions to GNOME and who plan to continue doing in the future.

Questions/comments/flames/whatever welcome :)-

[2]AKA 'still paying attention to me?' :) 

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