Re: GNOME Menu (was: Re: [Usability]Re: UI Review Suggestions - Panel)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Roberto Rosselli Del Turco">
>>Food for thought for GNOME 2.4
> Hey hey, great stuff.

You're welcome :)

>>    Multimedia
>>    Game
>>    Office
>>    Net
>>    Database
>>    Development
>>    ...
>>    Archiving
>>    File tools
>>    Monitoring
>>    Text editors
>>    Terminals
>>    ...
> I'd combine these. The Accessories menu you have here has categories for
> things that 'normal' users would only want a single icon for, such as
> terminals, text editors, etc.

Perhaps I put the wrong items in my list. I would like to see in the
Accessories menu little utilities like those that are there at the
present moment (calculator, keyboard utility, etc.): stuff that can be
useful pretty often, but not on a regular basis. The original idea was
to differentiate full fledged applications from utilities of various
kind, but I realize the border line could be somewhat fuzzy.

>>    Desktop preferences
>>    GNOME System Tools
>>    ------------
>>    Linuxconf
>>    Webmin
>>	...
> I'm still not confident that a top-level Preferences menu is a good idea.
> Like Mac OS X, Preferences could fit very well into the first Main menu.

Why not? If a user needs them, will find them anyway, only it will be
one more item for the Main menu and its items will be three levels deep.
We have to trust GNOME users for not being overly eager to mess up their
system :)

>>    GNOME help
>>    Linux guide for beginners
>>    Howto in english
>>    ------------
>>    About GNOME
> Hmm! Interesting! I'm sure the docs guys will love you for this suggestion.
> :-)

Well, being a sort of "doc guy" myself ... ;)


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