Re: [Usability]List policy, usability leadership, mission statement [Was: "widget"]


You don't mention "changes to the UI" as a concrete task, is that on purpose or 
an oversight? 


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> Hi,
> The way to organize the usability effort IMO is to focus on concrete
> tasks. Which usability@ has been a lot better at than past gnome UI
> efforts, and why we made a lot of progress in GNOME 2.
> The concrete tasks probably include:
>  - changes to the HIG; there has to be a process for this, and a clear
>    maintainer or team who can and does make decisions
>  - UI review for HIG compliance, resulting in filing bugzilla reports
>  - user testing
>  - reviewing prior art and/or studies and posting results
> Long threads arguing the merits of XYZ in the abstract, or where
> everyone posts their vote on what they personally use, are just not
> useful. I don't think those threads will ever go away, they're a fact
> of life, and honestly they are fairly harmless. The important issue is
> whether the concrete tasks are getting done, which hinges on good
> leadership and good process.
> If we can make UI decisions (instead of punting and making it
> configurable or whatever), and can communicate those decisions (by
> documenting them in HIG and bugzilla), then we have something that
> works.
> Havoc
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