[Usability]Re: Articles from your site

<quote who="Sue Whetton">

> Hi
> this is such a good site! It will be very useful for students participating
> in our graudate program in E-Health (Health Informatics), and I will
> certainly refer them to you pages.
> However, several of our more remote students have rather limited access to
> electronic media as yet. Therefore, we are providing print-based resources.
> I am wondering if you would mind my including the articles on Usability
> Principles and Checklists from your pages, properly acknowledged of course.
> Regards
> Sue
> Sue Whetton
> Lecturer, Online Educational Development
> (Health Informatics)
> University Department of Rural Health, Tasmania
> Ph 	6324 4025
> Fax 	6324 4040
> http//www.ruralhealth.utas.edu.au/informatics/

Hi there Sue,

Quoting your email in full for the benefit of our usability team. I'm sure
they'll let you reference their work. Thanks for your praise!


- Jeff [ fellow Australian :-) ]

                Patches are like Free Software love letters.                

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