Re: Nautilus Must-Fix List - Revision 2

<quote who="Maciej Stachowiak">

> On 05Sep2001 04:11PM (-0400), Brian Crescimanno wrote:
> > On Wed, 2001-09-05 at 15:10, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:


> > > Perhaps if there was a hint to make the task list ellipsize window
> > > titles at the beginning or in the middle instead of at the end, we
> > > could change this behavior.
> > 
> > 
> > 	I'll mention that to the GTK+ must-fix list guys...and maybe we
> > 	can get that hint put into gnome.  Until then, I have to agree
> > 	with you on this point.
> > 
> This is really an issue for the task list panel applet, not gtk+ I
> think.

Yup. Is there any reason why we wouldn't want it to ellipsize in the middle?
I think we could change that in the tasklist; though I must admit I haven't
been bothered by the lack of full path in nautilus window titles. Looking at
MS Windows and remembering MacOS 8.x, neither of them do this either.

> > > > Main Window:  View as List
> > > > 1.	Needs to be split into "simple list" and "detailed list"
> > > > 
> > > > 	REASON:
> > > > 	Some giant directories of documents and such,
> > > > 	are too long to be listed in the standard icon format and be
> > > > 	easy to deal with.  However, you don't need the full details
> > > > 	of the file, a simple "list with icons" would be great (similar
> > > > 	to the Windows explorer "View as list" feature).
> > > 
> > > How about using the icon view with a smaller zoom level? I think
> > > that's more or less equivalent to what you want. We could even put the
> > > label to the right instead of below the icon at smaller zoom levels.
> > 
> > 	
> > 	After some testing, It think if we did put the text next to the
> > 	icons at the 50% zoom level and less, and set the window to wrap
> > 	horizontally instead of vertically, we'd have a nice "Listing"
> > 	view (perhaps make those setting into a "simple list" default
> > 	setting which would basically just be a modified icon view.
> Horizontal scrolling is evil. I think we should not copy that aspect
> of the windows feature.

I agree completely.

1 File   2 Another File   3 File | (window edge)
4 foo    5 bar            6 t

Seems fine to me - I guess this is basically just putting the caption on the
right in icon view. I would love this feature - I think at 50% zoom this
should definately happen. I like this better than having a seperate view
anyway - at 50% zoom it really makes sense to move the icons to the right.
On the mac, this was the "Small Icon" now that we have makes sense! :)

> > 	While I do agree, I was trying to look at it from a performance
> > 	standpoint (though I see now that I didn't do a very good job
> > 	of conveying this).  I'm not sure how much of a performance
> > 	boost might be gained by removing it, but that's kind of where
> > 	I was going with that suggestion.
> I doubt there would be any kind of performance boost. It's not loaded
> unless the user selects the music view.

Indeed. I don't see why we should remove it, it clearly won't help
performance - the only performance it would speed up is nautilus compiles
and downloads, and not by very much at that.


> > 	Perhaps using the name "Themes & Appearance" would be better
> > 	(as I agree, not all the appearance prefs are about theming)
> > 	To be fair, the most common use of that dialog is going to be
> > 	to modify themes, so it should at least appear somewhere in the
> > 	title of the dialog.
> "Themes & Appearance" sou
> Are there really users who won't 

Apperance is fine with me. What is a "theme", anyway? (Rhetorical question.)
Clearly the goal of themes is to change the appearance of a program or set
of programs. I don't think this is critical to change.



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