Re: Comments on dialog proposal

> I *like* the idea that a dlog box is a safe playgruond.  One of things that
> helped the Mac gain acceptance was that it was very tolerant of "random
> clicking".  Unlike X, which features "click-ahead" and where apps often
> lack undo.  Let's not make gnome unsafe for beginners, OK?

Preferences *should* be a safe playground that allows random clicking. I
think we have a serious situation if you can select preferences that
cause X or GNOME to crash. If this is the case, those should be brought
to the surface and killed now. Because if they aren't, people will be
killing their machines, and we'll just continue ignoring the problem
because we know how to CTRL-ALT-BKSPACE. Or do some themes come up with
a "I am going to crash if you click OK" dialogue before they crash? ;-)

If they don't I don't see how crashing is any more significant with
instant apply dialogues.


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