[Usability] desktop/viewport/workspace UI bugs

Folks -
Havoc's note about the desktop/viewport/workspace syntax reminds me
there is inconsistency on these terms in the UI of the deskguide and
tasklist applets.
In the past, I've just fumbled around the problem with wordy and
obtuse explanations in the user documentation, but I assume for GNOME
2 we should try to get the UI consistent on these terms. Do I file
bugzilla bugs on this? Is that the most effective approach y'all have
found for cleaning up this sort of thing?
John Fleck
jfleck inkstain net (h), http://www.inkstain.net/fleck/
"Any man left on the Rio Grande is the King of the World as far as I know."
 - Becker and Fagen, 1973

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