Re: [Usability] Re: desktop/workspaces terminology issue

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 10:03:10PM -0600, John Fleck wrote:
>         . . . Here's what we've settled on:
> workspace: A defined area in which you can work. You can create
> different workspaces, with different processes, but you can only work
> on one at any time.
> Then, when a workspace can be subdivided: 
> viewport: A viewport is a subdivision of a workspace.
> desktop: The visible screen area where windows, icons, and panels
> reside.

I concur on the use of workspace and viewport, but may confused by desktop.
Which is the desktop: the current viewport or the set of all workspaces?

It seems a silly question, but I want to be sure. In either case, does
the other one have a name?

On a similar note, there's been confusion on-line when talking about
multi-head set-ups. As I understand it, multi-head is achieved by using
different Screens of a Display (both used in the same sense as Xlib uses them),
and Xinerama makes these Screens contiguous. I'd like to know how workspace,
viewport, and desktop apply in this case, but I don't have the hardware to see
for myself.

Greg Merchan

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