Re: [Usability] program binary names

Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes: 
> You can use gnome-vfs currently to get a human-readable name for an
> app that's described in a .application file. I'm hoping to convert to
> using .desktop files for this at some point, especially if we can get
> agreement with KDE. The .application file does have a couple of things
> in it that .desktop files don't right now though.
> We could rename the binaries as well, I just wanted to point out that
> there is a reasonable way for prgrams to get a human-readable name for
> error messages of this type.

How do you do this without opening every last .desktop file?

Should we establish some convention, like "desktop files must be named
after the binary in their Exec= field"?

What about apps that have a number of desktop files, for different
parts of the app? How do you know which one applies?

Maybe a special field in .desktop files to indicate the "master" file
for a given argv[0]?


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