Re: [Usability] program binary names

On 13Oct2001 02:21PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> We have the unfortunate issue that many error messages will be unable
> to display anything besides the binary name of an app. Sometimes this
> is relatively OK ("gnumeric"), sometimes it's quite bad
> (e.g. "meat-grinder" is both confusing and bizarre).
> It would be nice to think about how to provide the "human readable
> name" from the .desktop file (ideally, in localized/translated form),
> and in the meantime, we should consider renaming binaries that have
> really bad names. 

You can use gnome-vfs currently to get a human-readable name for an
app that's described in a .application file. I'm hoping to convert to
using .desktop files for this at some point, especially if we can get
agreement with KDE. The .application file does have a couple of things
in it that .desktop files don't right now though.

We could rename the binaries as well, I just wanted to point out that
there is a reasonable way for prgrams to get a human-readable name for
error messages of this type.

 - Maciej

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