Re: [Usability] SM UI plan

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">
> Logout
> ===
> On logout, the GUI will be very similar to the current one; we
> have several tasks:
> - confirm desire to log out
> - give options to shut down or reboot
> - give option to save session
> Elliot Lee has suggested the refinement that instead of radio
> buttons for shutdown/reboot/logout, we simply have dialog buttons
> with those labels.
> If "save session" is checked in the logout dialog, we save the
> session just before logging out.
> We can't really theme the logout effect as easily as the login
> splash screen effect, because there are messy technical issues
> (grabbing the server to keep the user from clicking on any apps).
> So most likely that won't be themeable at least for now.

I'd like to suggest a drop down box with the different logout options
in it. Directly below the box would be text that described each
logout option, as they were chosen. Then there would be ok, cancel
buttons below. For instance:

   |                                              |
   |            What do you want Gnome to do?     |
   |  GNOME                                       |
   |  LOGOUT         +--------------------+       |
   |  LOGO OR        | CURRENT OPTION  \/ |       |
   |  IMAGES         +--------------------+       |
   |  OR WHAT                                     |
   |  EVER       In nice, clear wording put a     |
   |  OVER       pleasant little description      |
   |  HERE!      about each login option as       |
   |             it is selected above.            |
   |                                              |
   |                       <OK> <CANCEL> <HELP>   |
   |                                              |

This is my preference. A big benefit of this I see is that it allows
for logout options to be easily added or taken away without having to
change the basic user interface at all. They just have to be added to
the drop down list.

This is useful for when users do and do not have permission to reboot
or shutdown a machine.

And this is also useful in cases of laptops, different machine
configurations, etc, where a user might want to put his machine into
Standby or Hibernate mode. I don't know what the current status of
Linux support is of such things, but I think it should be planned
for, whatever the case.

Btw, Havoc, nice analysis of the whole Session Management thing. It
was a very enjoyable read.

            Paul Joseph Thompson
            captbunzo squirrelmail org

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