[Usability] Re: Fixing the foobar wrt fitt's law

Ian, Seth: 

I'm using  gnome-core- also, but I have to put the mouse
on the actual Programs and Task List pointers, as Seth reports. 

I thought at first that this might be related to my sawfish settings-- I
have it set to flip windows by scrolling to the top, right, etc.  So, I
can only notice this on the top-right and top-left desktop areas. So i
set it to a single 1x1 workspace, and still... no joy.


> I'm using gnome-core- on Red Hat 7.1, and for me upper
> left / upper right are Programs and Tasklist, respectively.  Although we
> do add the rounded corners, you can still click in the extreme corners
> of the screen and get the menus.
> Ian
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