[Usability] Re: Fixing the foobar wrt fitt's law

On Wed, 2001-10-03 at 19:50, Seth Nickell wrote:
> I switched to using the menu panel (aka foobar) about 3 months ago,
> because its what Ximian ships and hence what a lot of users are now
> getting. I thought I would dislike it, and did for the first few
> days...but I've grown to like it at this point, as have many people.
> Something very similar to the Ximian 1.4 arrangement is currently the
> Usability Project's suggestion for the GNOME 2 default panel
> configuration. 
> *however* one aspect about it has been driving me up the walls. The
> menus do not extend to the top of the screen, and in particular you
> can't access the Programs menu by flinging your pointer into the upper
> right corner. (its also annoying that you can't pulldown the tasklist by
> flinging into the upper right corner, but for now I would settle for
> quick access to Programs).

I'm using gnome-core- on Red Hat 7.1, and for me upper
left / upper right are Programs and Tasklist, respectively.  Although we
do add the rounded corners, you can still click in the extreme corners
of the screen and get the menus.

I'm looking at our patch list, and this doesn't appear to be something
we've modified in house, but I could be wrong...


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