Re: [Usability] Re: Button ordering

<unknown peaks into the fray>

I feel compelled to point out that for consistency, it's not the
[ OK ] button you should be talking about. It should be the button
the user will usually want to push. e.g.

> |    Are you sure you want to format your entire hard drive?   | 
> |                                                              |
> |                                        [ Cancel ] [   OK   ] | 
> `--------------------------------------------------------------'

"uh... ok." Would be a bad thing most of the time.

Something along the lines of, "Hey mom, when in doubt hit whatever
the bottom right button is and you should be okay."

Of course if you're left-handed then you might want everything
reversed (scroll bars too). My mom is left-handed and she had
her windows buttons switched. She loves laughing at the tech
guy when he has to fix her computer. Her response is always the
same, "now you know how I feel!"

Tracy Smith.

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