Re: [Usability] Please subscribe to the list if you want to post to it.

On 03Nov2001 06:43PM (+1100), Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Sorry, this is OT for the list.

Actually, it's a usability issue with our mailing list setup. Or at
least, that's how I justified posting about it here.

> <quote who="Maciej Stachowiak">
> > Is there any way we could set up mailman so that anyone subbed to any
> > gnome mailing list could post to any? This would be equivalent to the
> > effect of post-only but much easier on users. And it would avoid
> > unnecessary headaches for the list admins whenever a thread gets
> > cross-posted.
> We could hack up an automatic subscribe to post-only, I guess... I'll try
> and arrange something with Greg.
Sounds good.

 - Maciej

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