Re: [Usability] window manager configuration

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> writes: 
> Havoc, you are more useful to us alive than dead. ("They" will bray for
> blood if the mousing-around-workspaces feature is removed.)
> ;)

It's a dangerous world. ;-)

> > Pager property box could have a choice of what to show in each 
> > mini-desktop:
> >  - show workspace numbers 
> >  - show workspace names
> Tooltips would be very useful. Are the numbers helpful?

If we have the Alt+F1-F6 keybindings, the numbers help correspond the
keybinding to the visual display, perhaps.

> >  - show the little window icons (as we do now)
> I find this a bit crowding and confusing; interested to hear what others
> think.

I think it's useful if you have a large panel (64 pixel) and we could
figure out how to implement thumbnailing well (i.e. much better than
now). ;-)

Until then I don't think it's that pointful, no. But I think it's a
fairly harmless option some people will like. It should be clear what
the option does, and not too scary if you accidentally turn it on.


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