Re: [Usability] window manager configuration

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> writes: 
> Are we assuming mousability?

I think edge-flipping is a bunch of crack, but it may be another
option one has to give in on. 

> >   Name of each workspace
> Really necessary?

Not really, but it's pretty easy to understand and maybe people like

Could do the WindowMaker "fade-out workspace name" hack. ;-)

> >   Click-to-focus/sloppy focus (follows mouse?)
> We should try to standardise on terminology, especially considering it's an
> advanced option. Sawfish has lots of "oddly named" things.

Yeah, I don't think there are really intuitive words for something
like this though. That's why it's on crack.

> > Options I hate a lot but people probably want:
> > 
> >   Maximize covers panel or not
> >   Panel is on top vs. below vs. raise-on-mouseover/focus
> Would a lot of people really want this? For small-screener's, a hidden panel
> should do the trick.

I'm not sure. Owen complained a lot about Metacity's
panel-always-on-top policy, when it had that policy. ;-)
> If we're able to decrease the crack-smokage of a lot of these options,
> perhaps some of them (panel, look and feel, etc) can be condensed into one
> "desktop behaviour" control panel. WM stuff would have to stay separate
> again...



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