Nautilus Must-Fix List - 1st Draft

Here's a copy of what I have so far for the nautilus must-fix list.

1.	 When Nautilus is set to draw the desktop, it should be the only
	 thing that draws the desktop.  Currently, when GNOME starts, the
	 desktop gets drawn, and then Nautilus redraws it on top, creating
	 a very ugly "grey period"

	 Novice users may mistake the greying out of their entire screen
	 some sort of error in GNOME or Nautilus.

1.	There need to be more options to arrange icons on the desktop
	rather than just "Clean Up By Name."  

	GNOME 1.2 had a "tidy icons" feature which would allow you to
	simply align the icons (keeping their general location) to 
	make them appear more cleanly placed.  Currently, in nautilus,
	the only way to "tidy icons" is to arrange them all on the left
	side of the screen, by name.  

2.	Trash Icon Needs to have a customizable icon

	It is the ONLY icon that is placed on the desktop that does not
	have a "custom image" property that can be directly accessed
	by the user (though a theme can currently modify the icon.

Main Window:  General
1.	The titlebar needs to be a bit more descriptive than listing
	a simple one word directory name
	Use a full directory name followed by " - Nautilus"
	This gives people the comfort of knowing what software they are

Main Window:  View as Icons

Main Window:  View as List
1.	Needs to be split into "simple list" and "detailed list"

	Some giant directories of documents and such,
	are too long to be listed in the standard icon format and be
	easy to deal with.  However, you don't need the full details
	of the file, a simple "list with icons" would be great (similar
	to the Windows explorer "View as list" feature).

Main Window:  View as Music
1.      Needs to be "View as media" or done away with completely

	I think this view, while it has it's merits, is unnecessary
	bloat in the program.  Most people will continue to use
	xmms or mpg123 (or another program) to play their mp3's, they
	don't want their file manager to do it for them.

	When GStreamer comes along further, perhaps a "Nautilus media
	player" can be built around that technology which integrates
	with nautilus, and handles all forms of media in a 
	nautilus-like environment.  Until then, I think the "view as
	music" mode is a fairly worthless feature.

Preferences:  View Preferences
1.	Change name to "Customize Views"
	"View preferences" sounds like a general term for looking at 
	your preferences.

2.	Clean Up

	This screen looks like it was thrown together in 30 seconds.  
	Clean up the select boxes and stuff, it looks pretty scattered
	at the moment

Preferences:  Appearance
1.	Change name to "Themes"

	It makes it very apparent to the user where to find a place
	to change your nautilus theme if it's listed as such.  Also,
	the other (few) appearance preferences can still be listed there
	as "themes" has become a general term used for program

2.	Move the themes dialog to the top

	Put the item people are going to want to use most at the top
	of the window, not the bottom.  Most people who want to change
	the appearance want to modify the theme...give this to them
	as their first option.

Preferences:  Windows & Desktop
1.	Split these up into "Windows", "Desktop & Trash" and move
	"keyboard shortcuts to a "general preferences" section

	This window is a jumbled mess of options that really don't belong
	together.  Split them up into more specific and descriptive
	categories.  Who is going to look to customize the trash options
	by looking under "windows and desktop?"

Preferences: Icon & List Views

Preferences: Icon Captions
1.	I don't know, it's just bad...

	I haven't thought of one yet, but this dialog is terrible!

Preferences:  Sidebar Panels

Wow...a feature of Nautilus that really doesn't need any changes.

Preferences:  Search
1.	Move this to the Navigation window

	There's no reason to have an entire window for one preference.

Preferences:  Navigation
1.	Looks like a good place for "SEARCH" to go!

	Do I really have to?

Preferences:  Speed Tradeoffs
1.	Change name to "performance"

	NEVER tell a user that what you are making them do is a tradeoff.
	They feel cheated by it!

Preferences:  News Panel

No changes to note as of yet....

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