Re: [Tracker] No contents indexing taking place

On 07/03/12 09:58, Karl Relton wrote:
On Mon, 2012-03-05 at 12:23 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:
I believe I have diagnosed and proposed a fix for the problem. Please
see for a full write
up and proposed patch that fixes it.

Thank you for investigating this fully, great patch. I've added to it
and applied it to master now.

IT should be in the 0.14.0 release i've been trying to get out for a
week or so now.

You mentioned in the bug comments that there could be other places with
the same issue.


I have tried to do a code trawl, and believe that where the code is
pure .c all is okay except perhaps libtracker-miner/tracker-miner-web.c.
For the .vala code, I can't really decipher it though.

I checked already, the writeback code was the only place and I changed that already IIRC.

For tracker-miner-web.c I am concerned by the comment at line 193:

/* No need to RequestName again as already done by the parent
TrackerMiner object */

Yes it is. The libtracker-miner library requests the name for you so assuming the library is done correctly, ALL miners should work properly.

As far as I can see the parent object in tracker-miner-object.c creates
the connection, registers its own interface, and then sets the name on
the bus ... and this happens before (AFAICT) the child object registers
its interface object.

So I would imagine that the web miner might not get all its interfaces
registered correctly.

Yea, I think you could be right here. Are you seeing problems with the web miners then?

One approach here might be to do the name request in _init() not _initable_init(), but that's quite a risky change to make at this late stage before we release.


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