Re: [Tracker] No contents indexing taking place

On Thu, 2012-03-01 at 23:19 +0000, Karl Relton wrote:

I've found out some more - the tracker-extract process is in fact being
started (by dbus), but for some reason the initial call to it is getting
an unknown interface error. Subsequent calls to it (while it is still
running), will work however.

By watching what processes are running, I can see the tracker-extract
process start, and then gracefully exit 30 seconds later. The first file
change that resulted in its invocation doesn't get any indexing done
(because it gets the unknown interface error), but if I change the file
again (or another file) before the 30 second inactivity timeout then
indexing will occur with respect to that second change.

So the problem seems to be that first call. Not sure if it is an error
(or timeout) in dbus, or an error in the way
tracker-miner-fs/tracker-extract are trying to interact with each other.

Could it be that tracker-extract is taking too long to register the
interface (make it available) in dbus?

I believe I have diagnosed and proposed a fix for the problem. Please
see for a full write
up and proposed patch that fixes it.

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