[Tracker] Tracker doesn't search for phrases in enclosed quotes

I cite from one of the last comments in the bug report:

"So this bug was opened in 2007 and it's now 2010. Can someone from
the Tracker team comment on if this is a planned feature or not, and
if so when it's expected? If it's not planned or just not technically
practical due to Tracker's architecture - lets get that out into the
open so we all understand where things lie."

That's exactly what I would like to know, because it is such a shame
that a very good tool like tracker is let down by a macroscopic issue
like this. I think it is useless to concentrate your efforts in
achieving better performance or adding new features when it lacks of a
common one like this, compromising its every day usability. Think
about that please.

Thanks anyway for the work done


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