[Tracker] Zeitgeist ontology and Tracker

Hi all,

There's been some back and forth about Zeitgeist/Tracker integration.
The key point in getting anything started in this direction is
figuring out the ontology business.

There has already been some work towards a solution[1]. We've already
fixed a few issues reported by Rob a while back, but the changes in
[1] were never discussed (see original ZG ontology in [2]). The
problem is that Rob's work contains some changes that are incompatible
with the original ontology, so it's not something we can adopt without
justifying it (will break our API and bring some troublesome data
migration work).

So, let's get that discussion we never had :-) If we *theoretically*
proposed the ZG ontology (as in [2], not [1]) for inclusion in
Tracker, what issues would you see?


[1]: http://git.gnome.org/browse/tracker/tree/data/ontologies/42-neo.ontology?h=neo
[2]: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/trunk/view/head:/extra/ontology/zg.trig

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