Re: [Tracker] pdf indexing problem

I did not enable this option, where do I do this?

When running ./configure

I didnt see anything in the dokumentation about this
Did someone make a tutorial yet? 

I don't think there's a tutorial or explanation of the available
configure options.

I think new users would like to have help on how to:
-compile the source code

I use the following script to force some of the compilation options when
running ./ If you are using a tarball you can edit the script
and change the called script to be ./configure instead:

-get dependencies (perhaps a download script for apt?)

Not every distro uses apt. Anyway, if you're using Ubuntu or some of its
derivatives, you can try this script:

May be a little bit outdated, though.

-change settings so that popular file types such as pdf, doc, odt etc
gets indexed

That depends on the compilation options set when running ./configure.

-how to set up nautilus to use tracker (if this is possible yet ?)

There's a nautilus plugin to work with tags, don't think there's
anything else.



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