Re: [Tracker] pdf indexing problem

Hi, and thank you for your answer.
I did not enable this option, where do I do this?
I didnt see anything in the dokumentation about this
Did someone make a tutorial yet?
I wouldn't mind writing one, but I dont know where to start really.

I think new users would like to have help on how to:
-compile the source code
-get dependencies (perhaps a download script for apt?)
-change settings so that popular file types such as pdf, doc, odt etc gets indexed
-how to set up nautilus to use tracker (if this is possible yet ?)

Most of this information is here in this mailing list I think, but perhaps not in a way that is easy to find.


On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 10:42, simon hong <simon hong81 gmail com> wrote:


Did you add --enable-poppler option?

2011. 2. 27. ìí 6:47ì "BjÃrn Johansson" <bjorn_johansson bio uminho pt>ëì ìì:

> Hi, all
> I installed tracker 0.10.1 from source and it seems to be working now,
> tracker-needle seems to be working.
> My problem is that I can not find any search terms from inside pdf
> documents.
> what are the dependencies for extracting text from pdfs?
> can I integrate nautilus with this version of tracker?
> I looked at the log files, but I could not see that anything (obvious to me)
> was wrong.
> thansk for any help!
> /bjorn

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