Re: [Tracker] How to use tracker-miner-rss?

OK, your nie:DataObject is perfectly valid then, I didn't think about

Le Mon, 21 Feb 2011 00:19:02 +0900,
simon hong <simon hong81 gmail com> a écrit :

Hello, Adrien!

First, Thank you for advice :)

I wrote ttl file based onsource code(tracker-miner-rss.c 533 line)'s
query that fetch feed address from tracker-store.

tracker-miner-rss.c used this query.

========== code - start ===========

        sparql = "SELECT ?chanUrl ?interval ?chanUrn WHERE "
                "{ ?chanUrn a mfo:FeedChannel . "
                "?chanUrn mfo:feedSettings ?settings . "
                "?chanUrn nie:url ?chanUrl . "
                "?settings mfo:updateInterval ?interval }";

========== code - end ============

To set chanUrn's nie:url object, I make the FeedChannel a DataObject.
I cannot set nie:url without making a FeedChannel a DataObject.

I'm a newbie to sparql and rdf ontology.

I'll happy with any your valuable advice.

Thank you.

2011/2/20 Adrien Bustany <abustany gnome org>

I don't think you need to make the FeedChannel a DataObject,
actually it's not one.

Regarding the critical, that looks not so good :/ Hopefully the
author will comment here.



Le Sun, 20 Feb 2011 23:33:00 +0900,
simon hong <simon hong81 gmail com> a écrit :


In these days, I'm trying to use tracker-miner-rss.
I tried Tracker-based feed reader
( ), but sadly, it cannot build
with latest tracker libraries.

I want to write tracker-feed utility to manage feed information
for tracker-miner-rss, but currently I don't have enough
knowledge about tracker system and rdf ontology.

So, I wrote ttl file to insert feed information for

=====   ttl file contents - start ======

@prefix nie:
@prefix mfo: <>.

<nytimes> a nie:DataObject, mfo:FeedChannel;
        mfo:feedSettings <nytimesSettings>;
        nie:url "";;
        nie:title "nytimes - Americas" .

<nytimesSettings> a mfo:FeedSettings;
        mfo:updateInterval 1 .

====== ttl file contents - end =======

After I import this file by using tracker-import, I could confirm
by the same sparql query in tracker-miner-rss.

tracker-sparql -q "SELECT ?chanUrl ?interval ?chanUrn
WHERE{?chanUrn a mfo:FeedChannel . ?chanUrn
mfo:feedSettings ?settings . ?chanUrn
nie:url ?chanUrl . ?settings mfo:updateInterval ?interval}"

tracker-query outputs
Results:, 1, nytimes

After this import, I run "/usr/local/libexec/tracker-miner-rss"
And, It is dead by segmentation fault.

This is the output tracker-miner-rss.
======= tracker-miner-rss output - start ========
Starting log:

(tracker-miner-rss:28218): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast
from `TrackerSparqlBackend' to `TrackerMinerRSS'

(tracker-miner-rss:28218): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast
from `TrackerSparqlBackend' to `TrackerMiner'
Segmentation Fault
======= tracker-miner-rss output -end =========

Am I wrong to use tracker-miner-rss or my ttl file?
I want to use tracker-miner-rss, but it is difficult to me.

Please give any advices.

Thank you.

2011/1/31 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>

On 25/01/11 14:57, Roberto Guido wrote:

On Tue, 2011-01-25 at 23:33 +0900, simon hong wrote:

When I want to add feed adsress, shoud I update feed address
in tracker store by using tracker-sparql?
Is this right?

 Yes, it is. All managed feeds are mapped in tracker-store
with MFO
ontology, no other configurations are involved.

Some time ago I started a project for a Tracker-based feed
reader ( ), but as many other
things I had noTracker-based feed reader
time to maintain and evolve it. My TODO list is too long :-\
In that package you find feeds-manager, a graphical tool to
admin feeds mapped in tracker-store (add, remove, change
attributes...): I'm unsure it is yet aligned with current
version of Tracker's API, try it and if it doesn't works we
can try to fix it.

Actually, it is interesting you mention this, I would like to
improve the way feeds are used with the tracker utils perhaps. I
agree, we have a miner, but it is not obvious how that miner
works or how to get your feeds into it. Perhaps tracker-feed (a
new utility) should be written to test and allow simple
administration of this?

Any takers?


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