Re: [Tracker] Tracker 0.10 and gnome-shell

On 10/02/11 10:01, John Stowers wrote:

Well, at least I think it makes sense to use Tracker to search for
applications and files (or recently used files). There are a lot of
other applications for Tracker, like searching contacts, emails, etc.

I started looking into this this week, but didn't see any clear API or
way to do this yet - am I looking in the wrong place? Can you point us
in the right direction? Owen did say there is an extension type API we
can use.

I spent some time this afternoon looking into it. You will need to start
with the first part [1] of the Zeitgeist patch [2] because this adds the
infrastructure to add search results async.

I see, I got the impression from the Zeitgeist patch (which I had seen before) that gnome-shell needed patching. Seems this is still the case. Are there plans to make this area a bit more extensible or is it expected to be closed to some extent?

Then it looks to be a matter of writing a wrapper around either the
tracker DBus API, or using the tracker-sparql library from


Implement DocSearchProvider, and add yourself to the overview [3]. I'm
not sure if adding to the overview can be done from an extension yet.

Thanks for the information. It's a start.


Anyone out there have the time to implement this before the core team does? Right now, we're quite busy with releases and bug fixing.


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