Re: [Tracker] Tracker not indexing USB-MSD and Application Notifications

Le Wed, 15 Sep 2010 23:02:25 +0800,
"Vijay Chavan (RBEI/ECV3)" <Vijay Chavan in bosch com> a écrit :


I am using Tracker ver 0.9.20 on Ubuntu 10.04.

1) I have enabled "include removable media" indexing from
tracker-preferences but still my removable media like USB MSD are not
indexed. I am not able to see any files on MSD in
tracker-search-tool. But optical media like CD-ROM is indexing is
working properly. Is there any other configuration to be done?
No, either Tracker doesn't detect your drive as removable, either it's
a bug :)

2) Is there any way to get notification to Application for removable
device mount/un-mount through tracker?
No, you'd use gudev for that

3) When indexing is in progress, Is there any way to get notification
to Application on addition of every media file entry in tracker-store?
You can watch the SubjectsAdded signal, but that will notify you of
every triple added to the store, not every file added.

4) When tracker-miner-fs is running, Can we get this extracted data
in application before it gets added to tracker-store?
No, but the information is entered in tracker store immediatly after
being gathered by the FS miner, so it's shouldn't change anything.




Vijay Chavan

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