[Tracker] miner-fs: Could not process file (timeout by message bus)

Hi again :)

Sorry to bother you with my problem but it seems I can't get
tracker-miner-fs to index my mbox files. tracker-info cannot find
anything about the file whereas tracker-miner-fs tells me that the file
should be monitored. And when I manually run tracker-extract on that
file, it print a lot of SPARQL queries and don't fail.

Here is what tracker-miner-fs says when it starts (and look for new files):

: Adding files from directory 'file:///dir' into the processing queue
: Generating children cache for URI 'file:///dir'
: Populated IRI cache with '4' items
: Could not process 'file:///dir/file.mbox': Message did not receive a
reply (timeout by message bus)

At the exact same time, tracker-extract tells me everything is OK and it
returned with success:

: <--- [204] tracker_extract_get_metadata(uri:'file:///dir/file.mbox',
: ---- [204]   Resetting shutdown timeout
: ---- [204]   Extracting with module:'/usr/.../libextract-mbox.so'
: ---- [204]   Found 24 metadata items
: ---> [204] Success, no error given

I don't understand why tracker-miner-fs didn't received the answer.
Is there something I should look out for?

When that works, I'm not sure that my SPARQL queries are valid (they
don't conflict with existing data and ontologies), but I'd like to get
to that point so I can test.



Mildred Ki'Lya
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