Re: [Tracker] A set of gtk+ widgets for Tracker

Le Sun, 24 Oct 2010 18:13:24 +0200,
Florent Thévenet <feuloren free fr> a écrit :

Hello Tracker hackers,

I'm willing to create a library which contains several gtk+ widgets,
like a widget to set the rating of a ressource, add/remove tags...

I will write it in Vala and It'll use Hormiga, the ORM created by
abustany this summer.
My idea is to have a class called Subject which contains a list of
InformationElement proxies, you could add/remove an IE from that list,
or even (most common usecase think) put only one element in that list.
Then you instantiate the widgets you need, and use a method like
"set_subject(subject)" to set the Subject this widget will describe,
so user just need to deal with Subject and don't have to do a loop to
set the new proxie(s) for every widget.
Do you think it's a good idea ?

What's more, I noticed that nao:numericRating doesn't have a limit so
I can't represent it with (for examples) 5 stars, like most widget do.
Could someone add a maximum to that property, say 100, or 5 since
it's a double ?


Hi Florent,

if you encounter bugs in Hormiga, which will very likely happen as I
didn't have time yet to use it in a real project, please catch me on
IRC (abustany) or by mail. I'll try to be quick in fixing them.

As for your questions:
- passing an array of subjects seems a sane idea, they don't have to be
  InformationElement though, rdfs:Resource should be fine.
- about numericRating, if you look at, you can
  see that the value should be between 0 and 10, 0 meaning "unset"



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