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On Sun, 2010-05-02 at 15:49 -0300, Zoho Vignochi wrote:


i would very much like to use tracker to better interface with my stored
files. However i am not sure what the proper syntax for issuing a
relevant search for the files i want would be.

As a bit of explanation: every file i save in my home directory gets 3
     1. yyyy-mm-dd the file was saved
     2. alphanumeric code indicating content. example N3, P1, R5 
     3. a unique identifier name

so all my files look like this:

2010-05-01-N5-Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.pdf
2008-03-02-R1-consectetur adipisicing elit.txt
2010-05-01-T3-ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip.odt

i have a large number of these files. I would like to find all the files
in my home directory by searching on the dates, codes, and/or names. 

What exact queries are you using?

So querys like:
     1. give me all the files in the home directory with N1 in the title

This is possible.

     2. give me all the files from 2008

That's certainly possible, see the SPARQL examples:

In particular the XPath date and time section.

     3. give me all the files with N1, N5, from 2008, 2009, 2010

Same as #2.

     4. give me all the txt files

Do you mean all clear text files or all files with .txt extension?

issuing 'N1' produced no results. nor did '*N1*'. i know that tracker
has many of the files in the index because if i search for txt, i get
many results. 

Are you using regex?

Is what i am trying to do possible now? I am using Debian Sid with
tracker 0.8.3-1


I did notice in the bugtracker 601509, 617329 maybe these are relevent.

No the first is not related, the second is not a bug but probably a
query failure.

For more clues, see the Tracker source for src/miner/fs and even


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