Re: [Tracker] haw to force index/reindex of one file/directory?

On 26/03/10 12:51, Alexey Fisher wrote:


Yes, this is mostly convenience for testing (tracker-miner-fs shouldn't
be poked by users actually), you need to terminate the current
tracker-miner-fs instance so there isn't a DBus service name conflict.

Will it be possible to add this functionality? I need it for removable
storage. If user disable indexing by default i need to force it in some
situation, for example on cameras.

You shouldn't need to do this for removable storage, Tracker automatically does this. However, if you don't want to monitor a location or if the data you are keeping in Tracker is not monitored, you might want to tell Tracker to re-index a file or directory at any given time. This has been requested by Bastien recently and filed here:


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