Re: [Tracker] Review request: miner-web-review branch

On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:31:57 +0000, Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>
On 17/03/10 11:30, Martyn Russell wrote:

Just so you know, I have rebased the branch against origin/master too. 
So you will need to check it out again.

Before I forget, Do we need a g_hash_table_unref() in the web-miner.c 
where we send the results off using the async d-bus apis in 
tracker_miner_web_dbus_get_association_data()? not sure if we need to 
make sure TRACKER_MINER_WEB_GET_CLASS (miner)->get_association_data() 
creates or references hash tables. I think it is const.
I'm affraid I can't answer... An unref seems sensible though, I'll test
tomorrow and see if it causes segfault.


1. Need more information to understand D-Bus method: GetAssociationData

If you could explain this perhaps clearer in the documentation that 
would be great. Seems like the API has multiple purposes?
I added more documentation in the DBus interface file, in the hope that
it'll be clearer. There is also a doc page on live.gnome, in the Tracker

32. What is src/libtracker-miner/ used for?

Can you remove this?



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