Re: [Tracker] Patch to README / -Wno-portability / AC_CHECK_LIB(id3, ID3Tag_New).

On 01/01/10 19:37, Don Pellegrino wrote:
I am working through my first build of tracker from
git:// <>.  I am
building on a Debian Sid amd64 system.

Hi and great!

First and trivially I noticed a couple of complaints from the build
system about the use of GNU specific extensions to Make.  Unless there
are plans to eliminate use of these extensions it might be cleaner to
use the "-Wno-portability" flag to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.

Hmm, isn't this used to warn about non-portable uses of make, so using no-portability hides these warnings? If so, why would we want to do that?

Second and more troublesome I found that the AC_CHECK_LIB(id3,
ID3Tag_New) check was failing.  Reviewing config.log I found that I
needed -lstdc++ and -lz to get the test program to link properly.

Aha, great thanks. This is committed now.

  4 Compilation

+  The git repository contains input to the GNU Autotools however a
+  number of commands need to be run to initialize GNU Autotools in the
+  project directory. To setup the GNU Autotools for compilation use
+  the following commands :
+        libtoolize
+        gtkdocize
+        intltoolize
+        touch ChangeLog
+        automake --add-missing
+        autoreconf

This is not entirely needed. I have modified your patch here slightly.

With the tarball, we use ./configure, for the git repository checkout, we use ./ No need to run all those commands, does this for us.

Thank you for the patch! :)


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