Re: [Tracker] Proposal for tags ontology (NAO)

THEVENET Florent wrote:
Le vendredi 19 fev 2010 Ã 01:23 +0100, Ivan Frade a Ãcrit :
 i have the impression that those properties are application
information. The color or key for a tag can be different in each

i really like the use case of quick tagging using a key per tag, but
that relation should be handled on the "client" side, not in tracker.

Hi Ivan,
I don't like to insist but I think color at least should be integrated
in the ontology. Actually I agree that, while one key tagging is very
application specific, the color of a tag should be desktop wide :
imagine gtg displaying your tag in green, nautilus in blue and hamster
in red ! What's more user doesn't probably want to specify a color for
his tags in every app as tags are now desktop-wide.

I am not a programmer of tracker, yet. However, I want to share my thoughts.

Any ontology is primarily defencive to additions or changes. the ontology that tracker writes 'nepomuk' attempts to unify a language for various projects. The ontology nepomuk was created by Open Semantic Collaboration Architecture Foundation (OSCAF) as project Social Semantic Desktop,

I think there is value for users and developers to know trackers relation to nepomuk, who in the tracker project meets with nepomuk. Perhaps the work is divided to programmer per type of ontology, annotation, contact

For users or developers with questions of the ontology in tracker, you may have more power to direct your questions at the source.

(correct me if wrong)
Developers of an ontology (ex, OSCAF/nepomuk) are typically a separate project to the application of an ontology (ex, tracker).

I have no contacts to the project Social Semantic Desktop, but start at the link pre.

to Florent, or anyone else with similar requests;
I think the current developments with ontologies presents an challenge for us all to define our relations in an common language.

For example, Florent, if you ask question as intelligently and reasoned to social semantic desktop I think you will have a better answer. If your suggestion is added to the ontology that tracker uses, then next you could unproblematically ask the programmers of tracker to add the function.

regards (and thanks for the feedback in the ontologies)
Thanks for the answer.
What do you think about Symbol and subTag ?


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